CEO Message


Dear Our Valued Clients,
I would like to express my deep appreciation to our clients for their strong support and interests in Seho Marine Solutions.
Established in May 2018, Seho Marine Solutions (SMS) devotes itself to marine retrofit engineering & marine O&M technical services after taking over the legacy and traditions inherited from Seho Engineering Co., Ltd. (SEN) having more than 18-years of experience in the field of lifting & moving engineering, sea-transportation technology for ultra-heavy structures, floating cranes etc.
To date, SMS has been successfully implemented more than 15 projects for SOx scrubbers and BWTS retrofit engineering.
We are readily poised to respond to our client's wide and broad requirements for marine retrofit engineering as well as revisions and upgrades. Our design engineers and experts can provide optimal solutions and services to all sort of challenging projects based on their experience and expertise accumulated at those major Korean shipyards including HHI, HMD and other well-known engineering companies of marine field for more than twenty years.

Wishing you all the best and every success.
Thank you!

Young-won KimCEO of Seho marine solutions